We would like to introduce ourselves: we are Demium Startups and love entrepreneurship. We are looking for someone who wants to learn with a passion for entrepreneurship and hustling!

  • What do we do Demium? Create amazing companies with amazing entrepreneurs.
  • How do we do it? Differently - we break the mould.
  • Why do we do it? To inspire 1 billion entrepreneurs worldwide to start companies and follow their dreams.
  • Where are we based? In the awesome NowBeato offices.
  • Do we like animals? Yes we have office dogs.
  • Will you be sat making coffee? No you will be learning and doing tasks everyday with people who have built multi-million € businesses!

At Demium, our mission is to identify, develop and connect the best talent, with the best business models, to create successful companies with amazing entrepreneurs. We want to change the society boosting entrepreneurship.

We build innovative and scalable companies from scratch. Through our #AllStartup events , we identify people with different skills and connect them to create a startup “Dream Team”.

Once the incubation program begins, we work closely with our entrepreneurs and provide all necessary resources to succeed. We will help them to validate their business idea, create a product, identify the product-market fit, launch a scalable solution and help them receive their first round of investment.

We are growing very fast. You will need to learn fast and there will be many opportunities to improve. We are looking for a talented Intern who will help us launch and grow Demium in Lisbon.

What does an Intern do at Demium?

  • You will learn from a TOP team, an expert in attracting and detecting talent
  • You will learn the entire recruitment cycle, from first screening, to interviews and evaluation
  • You will support the Recruitment strategy
  • You will enter "hunting mode" identifying all those profiles that are likely to be a talent pool
  • You will help Demium Lisboa teams to complete their selection processes, creating competences in them and giving them support with your expertise.
  • You will support the department with onboarding, training and administrative tasks
  • You will help internal projects in the department

This position is made for you if...

  • You have not exhausted yourself just reading everything we would love you to do.
  • You learn flying. You will enjoy this if you are able to be agile, think quickly and learn everything.
  • If you are decisive
  • If you are a self starter. Driven, ambitious and curious.
  • You feel comfortable working with people and their emotions. You are tenacious and get shit done! (This is a term from tech companies in San Francisco!)
  • Your level of English is high

You were born to be in Demium if you also:

You have knowledge of the startup world, especially human subjects.

You are business minded.

You are open minded and you do not understand the excellent work without a side team.

If this is not the case, we recommend the book "How to win friends and Influence People".

Why would you choose us?

  • Because we always hire better people than we are.
  • Because this is an opportunity to make a huge impact in the company in just few months.
  • Because our company culture is worth it, we are a big family!
  • Because you won't find a better place to be challenged and be part of a fun team at the same time.
  • Because we are changing the startup ecosystem and you will be an important part of it.